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Pre/Post Natal

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

For many women, as soon as they become pregnant, all thoughts of training fly out of the window. The excitement of a newborn, coupled with age-old views that a woman should not exercise whilst pregnant, put going to the gym at the bottom of the list of priorities. Exercising during pregnancy as well as after giving birth have major benefits for both mother and child.

During Pregnancy

Making sure that soon-to-be mothers are comfortable, safe and happy with their goals is paramount for the personal trainers working with them. Exercising correctly during pregnancy has been found to:

• Reduce risk of gestational diabetes, primarily in obese women

• Improve/maintain physical fitness

• Promote mental well being

• Improve/maintain weight management

• Lower risk of cesarean births and pre-eclampsia

After giving birth

Post-natal training has massive health advantages. Many women believe that they have to wait at least 3 months before training again - with a qualified Personal Trainer, exercise can resume as soon as after the first six weeks of giving birth. Here are some of the reasons not to wait too long before doing exercise:

• Better cardiovascular health (which doesn’t negatively impact the composition or production of milk)

• Reduced likelihood of postpartum depression

• Well deserved ‘me time’ which can be a relaxing experience for the mother

• Improved physical appearance

When training with you, whether it is during pregnancy or after, our experienced and qualified Personal Trainers at Arrow Fitness will ensure that:

- You have doctor approval before beginning to exercise

- You are comfortable and not over-exerting yourself

- You are given exercises that are suitable for your current level

- You know what your goals are and the time it will take to achieve them

Here at Arrow Fitness our Personal Trainers are level-3 fully qualified and have 10+ years of experience. We have pre/post-natal qualified trainers that will take into account the stage you are at in your pregnancy and what modifications need to be made. As well as, your overall lifestyle, diet and any illness/injuries you may have before designing a tailored training programme just for you.

Take the first step to a healthier pre/post natal experience by contacting us today via:

Phone: 07871 201334

or by filling out an enquiry form here.

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