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About Us

Training sessions can be held at our main location in Anytime Fitness Chiswick, at your home or outdoors at a local park. 

Hit Your Targets!​

Our system has been developed by working with a large variety of people, over the last decade, to create a method that will help you reach your goals, without making you dread each session!

Through experience, we have learned that exercise needs to be enjoyable, something that you look forward to. The best programme is the one that you stick to.

Straight to the Point

Our method avoids all the new fitness fads and exaggerated claims. Arrow Fitness was created to cut straight through all of that and provide you with a method that works based on facts and our experiences as dedicated personal trainers.

Our straight line method lets you go through your fitness journey at your own pace. We are here to make sure that there are as few twists and turns along the road as possible.

Take the first step and get in touch with us to book your free trial session here.

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Meet the Team
Bilal Hammad Personal Trainer Chiswick.jpeg

Personal Trainer and Founder

I have the best job in Chiswick. As a qualified Personal Trainer since 2011, I’ve been transforming my clients into fitter, healthier versions of themselves. Get started with an Arrow Fitness Personal Trainer and let’s shape up together!

Personal Trainer Chiswick. Arrow Fitness.

Personal Trainer

As a professional trainer, my passion is to guide the world towards a healthier lifestyle. I aim to transform your body and influence you to make more mindful decisions when it comes to your health.

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Coming Soon

Personal Trainer

I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body. My holistic approach to fitness and health will have you feeling great and seeing results in no time. Call me today and let’s start training together!

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Our Ethos

Getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can make. We believe in finding the pleasurable side of fitness; and while there may be a sore muscle or two along the way, the benefits of fitness are worth the discomfort. ​

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