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Older Adults 65+

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things older adults should do in order to maintain and improve health, fitness levels and emotional and mental well-being. Even moderate exercise can help keep you nimble and strong. Our personal trainers find working with older clients extremely rewarding, however we take certain precautions so that they are comfortable and safe throughout their exercise journey with us.

Before beginning their workout programs, we asses all of our clients - this includes fitness levels, current health levels, and any conditions they may have/have had. If we or our clients are unsure about any of this, we encourage them to gain doctor approval or recommendations prior to training. This is extremely important with older people, as illnesses tend to get worse with age.

Sometimes we find that older clients may face some barriers in regards to following an exercise program. Before you even begin to train with one of our instructors, we would have a consultation to address your concerns and provide you with an example workout-plan so that you can become comfortable with the type of training you’ll be doing. It will meet your needs, you will not be over- exerted in any way and you will see steady progress.

So what will you be doing with us? Studies have found that the best type of physical activity for seniors is when cardiovascular training is paired with muscle strengthening activities. Exercises will focus on working all major muscle groups during every session - this will ensure nothing becomes stiff or over exhausted and the whole body is worked. We will also take into consideration the types of sport you enjoy - did Yoga used to be your thing? Then we’ll incorporate some breath work, stretches and poses into our sessions. Exercise should not be a chore, but something to look forward to!

Here at Arrow Fitness our Personal Trainers are level-3 fully qualified and have 10+ years of experience. Using our specialist knowledge and experience of training 65+ adults we will design a tailored training programme that fits in with your current lifestyle and works specifically for you.

Take the first step to becoming healthier and stronger by contacting us today via:

Phone: 07871 201334

or by filling out an enquiry form here.

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