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5 Best Compound Exercises and Why You Need To Start Doing Them

Compound exercises, unlike isolation exercises, use multiple muscle groups when performing the movement. A few major positives of workouts which include compound movements are that they burns more calories, allow for a more efficient workout, improve joint strength and also replicate our ‘natural’ movements, improving everyday tasks and mobility. Continue reading to find out which compound exercises are our top pick!

A personal trainer in chiswick doing a compound exercise

1. The Squat

Some may argue that squats reign supreme in the lower body exercise category. This is because it incorporates all of the major muscles in your legs (adductors, hamstrings, quads) as well as targeting your glutes, lower back and abs. Ensuring you progressively overload means you make steady but solid gains for your whole body, although legs are a focus here. It’s best practice to have proper form for this one, as there is increased chance of injury – a personal trainer who is passionate about fitness will always correct you if they see something is off.

2. Deadlift

The deadlift involves starting with a bent position over the bar, then lifting with bent knees until you are upright. This exercise uses the most muscle groups out of any other compound movement – the same ones used when executing a squat, plus spinal erectors, forearms, upper back as well as grip.

3. The Row

When it comes to back, the most encompassing exercise is the horizontal standing barbell row. It targets major and minor muscles in the back as well as shoulders, grip strength and arms. Proper form when performing this movement will guarantee great results as well as an overall feeling of increased strength.

4. Bench Press

While the row was a ‘pull’ movement, the bench press is ‘push’, which uses only the pushing muscles, e.g. shoulders, chest and triceps. Categorizing exercises in this way is a much more targeted method of exercising and increases results when focusing specifically on a particular set of muscles. If you’re wanting to go heavier, definitely ask someone to ‘spot’ you or better, get a Personal Trainer to correct your form and keep you safe.

5. Pull-Up

This is the only exercise which uses only your body weight, however you can always add weight by using a belt. Pull ups use big and small muscles, the lats and biceps being the most targeted. It is also an exercise which uses multiple joints which is great for creating strength in the joints as well as the muscles.

Here at Arrow Fitness in Chiswick our Personal Trainers are level-3 qualified, have a certificate in Nutrition as well as over 10 years of experience working with people of all levels of fitness. Our dedication to helping you on your exercise journey is unparalleled, with various testimonials praising our professionalism and expertise.

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