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Personal Trainer Chiswick. Arrow Fitness.

Meet the Trainer 

Levi is a qualified personal trainer in Chiswick that thrives on helping others achieve their goals. Throughout his 10 years of being a personal trainer, he has learned that the most important thing for his client's to have, on their fitness journey, is an enjoyable balance between training and everyday life.

Personal training for Levi is more than just reps and weights! You need structure, fulfilment and sometimes even a glass of red!

Over the course of his career he has helped countless people achieve their goals by simply empowering them to adapt their life choices and improve and implement better daily habits.

He has the best job on the planet because he gets to help you achieve your best “you” possible without even using the word “diet”.

Levi aims to guide you on the road towards a better life by sharing his knowledge and experience with you. Along the journey you will become the fittest, healthiest and, most importantly, the happiest you have ever been!


  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • British Olympic Weightlifting

  • TRX Suspension Training



  • Weight Loss

  • Core Strength Training

  • Joint Stability/Mobility

  • Sports Specific Training

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